A Golden State

PublisherSelf Published (hand made by artist)
PhotographerShawn Bush
EditorShawn Bush
Date of PublicationDecember, 2016.
Location of PublicationProvidence, RI
PrizeFinalist in Handmade / Fine Art_H
Entry Description

A Golden State is a handmade special edition of ten books (plus two artist proofs) that were printed, stamped, cut, glued and assembled by myself from November to December 2016. It is both handmade and a special edition that comes with a clamshell box, which is why I chose to apply to each category. Over the course of four years (2012-2016) the work has been faithfully photographed, mocked up and reworked. After spending this past year scanning, acquiring material samples, sequencing, editing, learning new skills and testing innovate bookmaking methods, A Golden State became fully realized in December 2016. Some distinctive features include a laser cut title page and a unique pigment made from a chunk of oil excavated from the largest accidental oil spill in history that was applied and sealed on the book cover. A trade edition of the book is to be released in 2018.