Kings & Queens in Their Castles

PhotographerTom Atwood
Date of PublicationApril, 2017
Location of PublicationNew York, NY & Bologna, Italy
PrizeFinalist in Other / Portrait_OT
Entry Description

‘Kings & Queens in Their Castles’ has been called one of the most ambitious photo series ever conducted of the LGBTQ experience in the USA. Over 15 years, Atwood photographed more than 350 subjects at home nationwide, including nearly 100 celebrities. With individuals from 30 states, Atwood offers a window into the lives and homes of some of America's most intriguing and eccentric personalities. Among the luminaries depicted are Meredith Baxter, Alan Cumming, Don Lemon, John Waters, George Takei, Alison Bechdel, Barney Frank, Don Bachardy, Billy Porter, Ari Shapiro, Arthur Tress, Michael Urie, Greg Louganis, Kate Clinton, Dan Savage, Tommy Tune, Jonathan Adler, Simon Doonan, Leslie Jordan, Anthony Rapp, John Berendt, Elizabeth Streb, Michael Musto, Joel Schumacher, Terrence McNally and Christine Vachon. Modern day tableaux vivants, the images portray whimsical, intimate moments of daily life that shift between the pictorial and the theatrical. More at: