Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear

PublisherUnIversity of Texas Press
PhotographerPaula Bronstein
EditorUniversity of Texas Press
Date of PublicationAugust, 2016
Location of PublicationAfghanistan
PrizeFinalist in First / Photojournalism_F
Entry Description

In the fall of 2001, the award-winning American photojournalist Paula Bronstein traveled to Afghanistan on assignment for Getty Images to document the U.S-led Occupation Enduring Freedom in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. The world watched a revenge attack, the incredible military invasion that was meant to crush the Taliban, and Al Qaeda unfortunately is now America’s longest war. Bronstein made Afghanistan her mission, returning to the country repeatedly over the course of 15 years to document the lives of the Afghan people living against the backdrop of a brutal and protracted war. Captivated by the people of Afghanistan and the rugged beauty of their country’s landscape we see powerful images telling stories on many fronts from healthcare, education to politics and women’s rights. This book speaks to Afghanistan’s complex history, this remarkable and nuanced body of work is gathered together for the first time in a powerful monograph Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear.