The Last Post

PhotographerTianqiutao Chen
Date of Publication05/2017
Location of PublicationRI, USA
PrizeFinalist in Self-published / Fine Art_SP
Entry Description

This book “The Last Post” talks about mortality, life, appropriation and recontextualization. It is a multidimensional narrative that contains fictional and factual stories, which gives the reader a way to contemplate the fear of death and reminds them to cherish life. I collect the last photos posted on Facebook by people who have died and gather information detailing the death on a public website where anyone can submit death news. The book contains 50 last posts as the first half of the content, and the corresponding text for each picture as the second half. When you go through the sequenced photos, you are reading a fictional narrative full of ambiguity and mystery. Each spread is connected and communicating. On the right bottom of each spread, there is a sign of a smaller spread with two page numbers which are different from the current ones, and they indicate exactly where you can find the corresponding text in the other half of the book.