Touch the forest, touched by the forest.

PublisherAkaaka Art Publishing Inc.
PhotographerKINO Seido
EditorHIMENO Kimi
Date of PublicationJuly 2017
Location of PublicationJapan
PrizeFinalist in Limited Edition / Documentary_LE
Entry Description

This is a document about the relation between human beings and nature in the Japanese medical facility. Most of the mental hospitals are strictly closed. Therefore patients feel more stressed while in the hospital. And because they have very limited exposure with healthy individuals, it creates misunderstanding with each other. Nature offers healing. A well kept woods can calm the minds of people. And it's a perfect place for people to interact with one another. Connecting space of humanity and nature. Coexistent of space between healthy individuals and patients. ‘Touchable forest’ is a place where these two elements are melded and has a potential to help the understanding with one another. I have documented the hospital trying it. This book cover is designed with the real leaves picked in the forest and sealed by very soft cloth. So each book is different from the others. The special edition includes a wooden case which is laser-burnt as photography for touching the warmth of nature.