Forthright - Stronger than a weapon

PublisherForthright Publishing Sascha Kraus
PhotographerSascha Kraus
EditorSascha Kraus
Date of PublicationJuly 2016
Location of PublicationEssen, Germany
PrizeFinalist in Single Author / Culture_SA
Entry Description

With the aim of portraying hip hop and rap artists, this project began in 2010. Those artists shown are struggling against social injustice and abuse, raise their voice even though it means to risk one’s life and freedom. Forthright, meaning direct and outspoken, regards those hip hop and rap artists, who speak up and aim to change the world. They all fight for better conditions and have a story and a message to tell with their music. Each artist gives hope, always combined with the joy and power of music. Particularly hip hop must be understood as much more than just a music genre. It is an attitude and a way to express oneself. It is not a subculture but an established art and a culture itself. It is about having and spreading a message and raising one’s voice. Hip hop provides the base that can be construed and adapted with own cultural values, traditions and habits. Hip hop is a connecting element seen around the world. All artists use the music to promote freedom and human rights.