PublisherPowerhouse Books
PhotographerPeter Steinhauer
EditorCraig Cohen
Date of PublicationApril 2018
Location of PublicationWorldwide
PrizeFinalist in Prototype / Fine Art_PRO
Entry Description

Since 1993, Peter Steinhauer has documented the many facets of Asian culture, with a keen eye for architecture, urban landscape and mand made structure environments.  On his first visit to Hong Kong in 1994, arriving at the old Kai Tak International Airport, Steinhauer noticed a very large structure encaged in bamboo and swathed in yellow material—standing out beneath a canopy of clouds, glowing against the monochromatic, urban skyline.  Hong Kong is the final stronghold of the bamboo scaffolders who once practiced their trade at construction sites throughout Asia.  Reproduced in this collectible book are one hundred remarkable images that reflect Steinhauer’s fascination with these hauntingly beautiful and monumental edifices, their bamboo scaffolding draped in brightly hued swathing.  The title “Cocoons” is a natural choice for this body of work celebrating the giant wrapped, cocoon-like structures, later to be unveiled ceremoniously, revealing for the first time the brand-new façade