Lacedonia: An Italian Town, 1957

PhotographerFrank Cancian
Editor(text) Rocco Pignatiello
Date of PublicationFirst books received from printer: August 2017
Location of PublicationSelf-published, my home address: 4 Canyon Ridge Irvine, CA 92603
PrizeFinalist in Multi Author / Documentary_MAU
Entry Description

I have done photo documentation of communities since: high school 1952; White Mountain Apache (AZ) 1955; Lacedonia, Italy: 1957; Providence Journal staff: 1958; with academic anthropology in Mexico: 1960-1990s; Orange County, (CA): 1990-present. ~~ Please see p4ff and p108ff in the submitted book. The last sentence about Doug daSilva's contribution on p110 is accurate. His design work made the book possible. ~~ I received the first printed copy on August 17, 2017. A museum with all my Lacedonia negatives formally opened there on August 10. (Its website is: ~~ The museum and the 2017 second edition were not planned as coordinated efforts.