Femme Frontera

PublisherHomie House Press
PhotographerAdriana Monsalve + Arlene Mejorado
EditorCaterina Ragg + Adriana Monsalve
Date of PublicationDecember 8, 2017
Location of PublicationWashington, D.C.
PrizeFinalist in Multi Author / Documentary
Entry Description

Femme Frontera is a journey into the physical borderlands of CA/MEX and TX/MEX through parallel story telling, by Arlene Mejorado and Adriana Monsalve. They are exploring fronteras (borders), both literal and figurative, and the many ways they manifest in the immigrants experience: past, present, and future. They are telling stories through personal narratives and connecting them to each others and to their environments and surroundings. This is how to have a conversation with yourself about what makes you uncomfortable and what brings you comfort.

About Photographer

Homie House Press is a skeleton bones crew of femmes creating + publishing in the foto book medium. We are book makers + educators holding space for and with QTPOC artists + other marginalized groups. We are a playground where fotos become books, a safe space for secret stories and an open house for honest content. Find us migrating through the in between, the world wide web, and al otro lado del charco.