Wild West

PublisherKEHRER Verlag
PhotographerJoachim Hildebrand
Date of PublicationMay 2018
Location of PublicationHeidelberg, Germany
PrizeFinalist in Single Author / Fine Art
Entry Description

The title inevitably evokes images full of clichés and stereotypes. Today, where the wilderness has been displaced by "civilization," the archetypes of the American West have become mere platitudes. Here, where triviality meets absurdity, the myths of the Wild West are deconstructed. “Wild West” is a mecca of surreal irony. It can be read as a photo verse that questions remnants of the better days of the American dream. Instead of the virgin landscape, Hildebrand displays a paved paradise that is manufactured by “civilization.” It is a global Wild West in the middle of the American West.