TBW Books Annual Series No. 6

PublisherTBW Books
PhotographerGuido Guidi, Jason Fulford, Gregory Halpern, Viviane Sassen
Date of PublicationMay 2018
Location of PublicationOakland, California, United States
PrizeFinalist in Multi Artist / Fine Art
Entry Description

The four artists in Series No. 6 have each crafted a monograph charged with an essence of the surreal, exploring the passage of time and the imprecise nature of the phenomenal. From Guido Guidi's cinematic and playful visual journal of 1980s Italy, to Jason Fulford's trance like journey across the US, to the magical realism found in Gregory Halpern's documentation of a total solar eclipse, and finally to Viviane Sassen's hyper real photographic manipulations, these narratives weave a continuum from book to book, creating a dream like photographic timeline spanning 40 years.