Over My Eyes

PhotographerAli Arkady, Aram Karim, Bnar Sardar, Seivan M. Salim, Rawsht Twana, Hawre Khalid, Twana Abdullah, Dario Bosio, Sebastian Meyer
EditorStefano Carini
Date of PublicationSeptember 2017
Location of PublicationPrague, Czech Republic
PrizeFinalist in Exhibition Catalogue / Documentary
Entry Description

OVER MY EYES offers an unfamiliar perspective of Iraq, a country we know only through western made images of war, fed to us by mainstream media. Through the eyes of a generation of local photographers the project presents less frequently captured fragments of reality that constitute daily life in the country: from the vastness of the northern mountainous borders, to a range of different situations across the country with the fading flashback of its recent history and the consequences of the ongoing conflict.