When I step in the light, I shine.

PhotographerZackary Canepari, Jessica Dimmock and Landon Nordeman
EditorTeun van der Heijden
Date of Publication06/01/16
Location of PublicationAmsterdam
PrizeFinalist in Zine / Photojournalism_Z
Entry Description

There is so much happening in Flint, Michigan with the contaminated water, high crime and chronic blight. It’s understandable why Flint is always illustrated as this dysfunctional place.  And in many ways it is that.  But thats not all it is.  Which is why Prom is so important here.  It’s not just a high school dance.  It’s an city wide event. Landon, Jessica and I tried to create images that celebrate these young people.  Our approach is meant to highlight the simultaneous issues at play - the project is both a celebration of the student body's sense of swagger but also looks at the very serious problems affecting these high school students. At it’s core, we approached this as a story that celebrated fashion and spirit, with an undercurrent of struggle, and not the other way around. The zines were produced and distributed for the students and the community in Flint in the summer of 2016.