House Full of Gold

Publishernot yet
PhotographerKris Vervaeke
Date of Publicationnot out yet
Location of Publicationnot decided yet
PrizeFinalist in Prototype / Documentary_PRO
Entry Description

The book portraits the fortune tellers of Wong Tai Sin temple in HK. An unique place in the world, where 160 fortune tellers can be found in one place. With the book I re-create the rows of fortune tellers in this bizarre building. Allowing you to see the shops and its interior from the outside makes you a visitor that can choose his fortune teller. In a separate booklet 'Your Temper is Hot' I go inside the shops with the fortune teller. You feel the different styles they have; you see the materials they use. They talk about me and my fortune. Faith and superstition rule daily life in Asia in many ways. The art of fortune telling is an old traditional business. Fortune tellers are visited by all levels of society, all ranks and files. They can influence major decisions in an individual’s life. The future is uncertain. Young people come less and finding someone to take over is difficult. The book title is the name of the fortune teller’s shop shown on the cover.